Birthdays! Corporate events! Parties of all kinds!

Whether your event has 6 people or 6,000 people,caricatures are a fun way to entertain children and adults alike. We not only create high quality artwork with great likenesses, our award-winning artists also entertain while they draw.  You can even email us your photo and we will send you an amazing studio caricature for any occasion!

Name Art 

Name Artists - Rhonda Example

Any name accented by hobbies.  Rhonda is a wine lover!

The Watercolor Postcard Artists
Watercolor Postcard Artist - Examples

Our Postcard Artists paint original, one of a kind pieces of art for your guests (themed to your event). Samples above are from an Italian themed event and a Florida themed event. The guests keep and collect the art as a souvenir of their trip and the event after it is painted.

Or, they can mail it back home to their friends and family, as an original postcard. Postcards are the standard 4X6 postcard size, and have address bars and stamp guide on the back.

Hit & Run Artists

No lines, no waiting. The only lines here are on the paper! This is not your Classic Caricature! Our artists draw in “stealth” mode, and then present the unsuspecting guests with their drawing after it’s done…hence the name “Hit & Run”. The concept of the Hit & Run Artist originated here in Orlando.

Basically, it is a more proportional, “party sketch” of the guests in action at the event. Guests are always amazed that they’ve been drawn without knowing about it, and are pleased they didn’t even have to pose! Since the artist is in “stealth” mode, they are able to move around and get a good cross section of the group drawn (sometimes drawing guests who wouldn’t necessarily want to sit and wait for a “typical” caricature).

This concept is meant for and is a great fit for extremely large groups. The Hit & Run concept can be upgraded to be drawn on the iPad.)



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